Drainage is crucial when it comes to artificial turf. Good drainage will prevent pools of rain or urine lying on the turf every time it rains or your pooch wees.

fake grass drainage


Generally, turf is laid over a compacted rock base which will allow water to drain through. In most domestic situations, to increase the speed with which rain and urine travel through the turf, you need to increase the number of perforations in the turf backing, thus increasing the drainage.

Cheap, imported turf may have a limited and poor perforated backing or an inferior backing that is not properly waterproof (watertight), allowing water and urine to be absorbed into the backing of the turf product. This leads to degradation of the product, rotting of the backing and build-up of urine and odour in the actual backing of the turf.

A normal backed turf with perforations around 100mm apart.

Pet Pro Turf product with perforations at 80x50mm apart.

Whilst normal backed turf has perforations around 100mm apart, Turf Doctor’s Pet Project 40 Turf has double to triple this number of holes, creating much better drainage.

Quality artificial grass, such as Pet Project 40 Turf, drains and dries faster, significantly reducing the risks of water or pet urine puddling up on the surface and attracting unwanted bugs (mosquitos) and allergens (mould).

For situations that require the removal of large volumes of water or urine, such as in pet boarding kennels, veterinary clinics, doggy day care centres and wash down areas, Turf Doctor’s Pet Pro Turf Flo range of synthetic turf products is the perfect solution.
Turf Doctor’s SmellBgone infill can be used to absorb urine from your artificial grass.