Are you worried about artificial grass getting too hot for your feet and paws in the summertime? Good news is that the synthetic grass manufactured today is designed to reflect rather than absorb heat.

Several Australian manufacturers have ‘cool’ technology in their synthetic yarns which significantly reduces the heat. By using Infrared Reflective (IR) Pigmentation Technology in the yarn, the heat from the sun isn’t absorbed to such a degree by the fibres. This means it will still be comfortable to walk barefoot across the lawn or play with your pooch on a hot summer day.

There’s much more heat absorbed and radiated by other landscaping features, such as an asphalt driveway, brick walkway, concrete or decking!


Whilst synthetic grass can get warmer than natural grass on hot, sunny days, there are ways to manage the heat and make your yard a comfortable place to enjoy with your family and pets.

  • Adding smellBgone Infill™ to artificial grass surfaces provides an average cooling reduction of 15c to synthetic surfaces once combined with moisture. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending upon local conditions. The moisture creates a cooling effect via evaporation. Evaporating moisture removes heat from the turf.
  • Install artificial grass under shade trees to help keep your lawn cooler and provide a shaded area for your kids and dogs to play! Placing a shade structure (eg canopy, pergola) over the synthetic turf space can also remove any issue with heat build-up.
  • Hose down your artificial lawn with a garden hose or sprinkler system to quickly reduce the surface temperature.
  • Purchase a good quality Australian made synthetic turf product with heat reducing technology in the yarn. Australian made products are designed to meet our climatic conditions, many imported products are made for the European market.
  • At the end of the day there are thousands of synthetic lawn surfaces and sports fields being installed all around Australia. A good quality lawn product will give you and your family and your pets years of use and enjoyment.