The Turf Doctor provides a range of non-toxic, biodegradable deodorising products providing a fast, permanent and safe solution to smelly pet and animal problems. The Turf Doctor is a family owned and operated company.


Our smellBgone artificial turf infill deodoriser is 100% organic and wholly manufactured in Australia. It controls the most offensive odours, and only needs to be used once.

ProVet Logic

ProVet Logic is a range of liquid deodorisers is designed to create a safer and healthier environment for animals and their care providers. Manufactured in the USA, we came across these products after extensive research.

Environmentally Friendly
Our products are all biodegradable & non-toxic

Trusted Brand
We have a trusted reputation in odour control

Australian Owned
smellBgone is 100% Australian made

Cruelty free
our products are not tested on animals

Certified by Australian Organic Ltd

Guaranteed fast shipping