CoverLawn is a hybrid synthetic turf surface that integrates with natural grass, resulting in the look and characteristics of a natural lawn with the added strength of synthetic turf. As the natural grass grows through the honeycomb cell structures, it fully engulfs the CoverLawn synthetic turf, creating a highly durable yet flexible product. This hybrid lawn can withstand incredibly high traffic, while still looking green and fabulous all year round.

CoverLawn is a premium product that is intended to reinforce the natural lawn surfaces which can be damaged in high use areas and particularly by pets. CoverLawn is ideal for use in open areas such as entrance ways to parks, dog parks, pathways or anywhere where foot traffic or pets may cause damage to lawn areas. Coverlawn can be laid over seed, instant turf, or an existing turf area.


  • No more bare patches.
  • Free draining.
  • Affordable, DIY installation, easy to install
  • No more holes from pets digging.
  • Creates a reinforced surface and still keeps the beauty of natural grass
  • Keeps the moisture in and protects the natural grass during warmer weather
  • Strong root system. The honeycomb cells protect the root system and crown


  • Public open spaces
  • Backyards with dogs
  • dog parks
  • Schools/Play areas
  • Disabled access
  • Golf courses
  • Church, wedding reception areas
  • Sloping sites
  • Play equipment areas

A before and after showing the effectiveness of the hybrid turf product where it was installed at a high use playpark.

How To Use CoverLawn

How Can I purchase the product?

The CoverLawn product comes in rolls, available sizes are; 2m x2.5m, 2m x5m and 3.66m x25m. If you would like further information on this product please contact

Further information

A demonstrational video by Hybrid Turf in the US showing the effectiveness of Coverlawn in a domestic backyard.

Video by Greenacres Artificial Grass in The UK showing impressive results from the installation of Coverlawn.