What is CoolTech Infill™?

CoolTech Infill™ is a naturally occurring organic infill that is applied to synthetic grass. Simply by adding this as part of the infill process testing has shown the CoolTech provides an average cooling range of 15° Celsius to the turf surface. By applying CoolTech Infill™ it creates a natural evaporative cooling system within the fibres of the synthetic grass.

Why use CoolTech Infill™?

Synthetic grass has become extremely popular, particularly in combating the harsh conditions of the Australian climate. Most areas of Australia are impacted by extreme temperatures which in turn result in high surface temperatures of synthetic lawns. CoolTech Infill™ helps to reduce the surface temperature of synthetic grass and synthetic sports surfaces by as much as 15° Celsius.

How does CoolTech Infill™ work?

CoolTech Infill™ uses moisture to create a cooling effect in the synthetic grass. As the synthetic grass surface heats up due to solar radiation, moisture stored in the CoolTech Infill™ turf is released via evaporation. Evaporating moisture removes heat from the turf, leaving a cooler surface under foot. This evaporative cooling technology has been tested by Acousto-scan laboratories here in Australia.

How do we know the CoolTech Infill™ works?

We thoroughly tested the effectiveness of the CoolTech Infill™ utilising the Acousto-scan laboratories to conduct industry standard testing. Acousto-scan are an accredited testing facility and have done works for: the AFL, CA, FIFA, FIH, WR, ISSS and the ITF. The test results proved the effectiveness of adding CoolTech Infill™ to synthetic grass surfaces. Once combined with moisture the results show it does provide a cooling effect. Rainfall, dew and irrigation can help keep your lawn cool for days, depending upon local conditions. The testing also proved the CoolTech Infill™ to be most effective during the hotter part of a clear day when most needed.

A standard lawn with a wet surface will cause some cooling, but temperatures can quickly rise and may exceed uncomfortable levels of heat. A CoolTech Infill™ lawn has been shown to create a substantial temperature differential in real-world applications. Based on actual lab and outdoor lawn thermocouple testing, CoolTech Infill™ has achieved 15° Celsius lower surface temperatures compared to a standard synthetic turf system.

What maintenance is required?

As with all synthetic grass surfaces, regular maintenance is recommended for the longevity of the product as well as the infill. The amount and frequency of care will depend on the type the surface as well as the volume and the type of use. Periodical grooming of the surface to remove litter and debris, is highly recommended. This will also help with redistribution of the infill which may occur on sporting surfaces.

Are there other benefits to CoolTech Infill™?

The product is an organic, naturally occurring mineral sourced in Australia. Being safe for pets and humans. It also controls the most offensive of odours. It will absorb pet urine, absorbing the ammonia substantially neutralising and reducing pet smells. smellBgone™.