Commercial Pet Surfaces

For situations that require the removal of large volumes of water or urine and commercial operations such as kennels, vet clinics, pet day care centres and wash down areas we have as part of the Pet Pro range of synthetic turf products, the PetPro Turf Flo.

The PetPro Turf Flo turf has been specifically designed to allow the maximum volume of liquids to pass through the surface. We believe this to be the most permeable synthetic turf product on the market. It has a 25mm pile height and uses multi-coloured face yarn to give a more natural look.

By combining this product with a drainage cell under the turf, this will eliminate any water pooling issues you have. Our PetPro Drainage System incorporates a 30mm drainage cell. This allows all pet waste to flow through the backing and away to a drainage pit. Meaning the turf will remain drier, less prone to bacteria build up and require less cleaning of the surface. Resulting in a healthier, safer and fresher smelling environment.

If you require further assistance regarding commercial artificial turf, our team at smellBgone are here to help. Email