Installing synthetic turf is more than just fitting it on top of soil, decking or concrete. It requires skill, experience and the right tools for the job if it is to look as good as a real lawn.

Having your synthetic pet turf installed by a team of professional and experienced installers will help your lawn last longer. To find a local quality artificial pet turf installer, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Research the company installing the artificial grass

  • Find out how long they’ve been in business.
  • Read online reviews on Google and other product/service review sites.
  • Do they have any social media pages? Check their posts for ‘before and after’ photos and interactions with customers.
  • Do they offer free consultations, written quotes and turf samples?
  • Does the quote cover all your expectations and include ALL costs from rubbish removal to providing the base material?
  • When you read customer testimonials, ask for ‘before and after’ pictures of installations they have recently completed.
  • Is the company owner available to speak to if needed?

artificial grass installation

Do they offer full-service installation?

A quality artificial pet turf installer will offer a full-service installation, including ground preparation, fitting and waste disposal.

Solid foundations are essential to installing artificial grass. Learn about the materials they use to secure your lawn and if they power brush it after installation.

Check their credentials

There are no recognised certifications/qualifications for artificial turf installers, however there are some general guidelines to observe:

  • Do an ABN search
  • Check how long have they been in business
  • Are they a member of a trade organisation, such as Landscaping Victoria Master Landscapers, Turf Australia, the Turf Growers Association NSW and Turf Producers Australia?

What artificial grass do they use?

Check what quality artificial pet turf the installer uses.
Professional artificial pet turf installers will provide you with free turf samples and take the time to explain the differences between the different types of turf that they offer and answer all your questions.

Compare Quotes

Collect at least three quotes and study them in detail. Are they transparent with their pricing and company details?

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

If a company is offering rates considerably lower than its competitors, they are most likely cutting costs somewhere in product quality or installer experience.

Remember that your synthetic pet turf is only as good as the installer.

Delivery and installation time

Does the company offer fast delivery and installation within a reasonable time?

Leading local landscaping companies are going to be busy, especially during the summer months, but they should be able to provide you with an approximate delivery and installation date – both included in the total price.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

A quality artificial grass installer provides a manufacturer’s warranty with their turf. The higher the quality, the longer your warranty will be.