Pet ownership in Australia is increasing and so is apartment living. It’s important to give your pooch daily exercise and opportunities to play and sniff around green spaces outdoors – not to mention accessibility to toileting, especially when there’s an upset stomach involved!

Installing an area of artificial grass, like Turf Doctor’s PetPro Turf, in your apartment or on your balcony can be the perfect solution to your doggy toileting problems, not to mention an ideal green cover for dull concrete flooring. It’s like spending time outdoors without leaving your apartment!

Hang or place a few plants on the synthetic grass on your balcony and you’ve got yourself a small garden with a view for you and your pooch to enjoy!

artificial grass apartments balconies

The Turf Doctor’s Pet Pro Turf 40 is Australian made with an Australian Manufacturer’s warranty, and has advanced technology backing to eliminate absorption of urine.

To clean up after your dog, simply pick up the poo and spray with smellBgone liquid to safely remove bad odour-generating bacteria and deodorise the grass.

You can buy your Puppy Kit with a 1 x 1 patch of Pet Pro Turf 40 artificial grass and smellBgone liquid here.

Turf Doctor recommends checking with your apartment strata if approval is required before commencing the installation of artificial turf.