dog on toilet

Dogs love to play and roll around on artificial grass. In fact, there’s nothing like a good doggy back rub on thick synthetic lawn like PetPro Turf Flo.

When your dog answers nature’s call, be sure to remove the poo droppings as soon as possible, before it is accidentally stepped on and pushed into the synthetic blades.

Picking up after your dog every day will also help you avoid discolouration or staining of the grass.

When your dog wees on the artificial lawn, odour can build up on the surface over time. What happens is that when pets urinate, the urine settles in the crushed rock base and the backing mat of the turf. Once urine dries, it crystallises and forms uric acid crystals (the source of the urine odour), which can be difficult to remove.

If you apply vinegar and water to eliminate the source, you’ll only mask the dog urine smell, NOT remove the source. A quality deodorising and disinfecting product, such as Turf Doctor’s smellBgone, will solve your problem by absorbing and destroying pet urine odours.

The smellBgone ‘infill’ product is designed to remain in the turf; it is organic and naturally occurring (similar to sand). The smellBgone ‘liquid’ is an anti-bacterial disinfecting deodoriser applied as a spray onto the affected area.

With a bit of maintenance, you can keep your artificial lawn clean and fresh for your four-legged friend to continue playing safely and happily year-round!