Real grass has many rewards for people, animals and the environment. Real turf is a living organism, improves air quality and filters pollution, is appealing to look at and has a therapeutic effect. Who doesn’t love lush, frosty, green grass under their feet and paws on a warm day?

Maintaining natural grass, however, can be challenging as it requires a lot of time, energy and money to keep the lawn looking tidy and beautiful, especially if you have dogs!

Your playful pup can do a lot of damage to your garden, such as running on the same path and creating a track or digging up the grass, whether it’s boredom or with purpose.

After all, his bone is his treasure and it must be buried and re-buried.

Then there’s your dog’s wee which burns the grass and leaves brown urine spots. Frustrating to deal with, after all the time you’ve spent mowing, weeding and fertilising the lawn! Let’s not even mention the water bill or the state of your kitchen when your muddy pooch bursts in from the yard during rain.

If you ask your dog, rolling on real grass can also be a pain in the skin. Canines allergic to grass pollen (a key outdoor trigger) usually develop dermatitis, which are itchy patches of skin. Dermatitis can spread all over the body and lead to excessive scratching and licking, and chewing of the paws, requiring prompt veterinary care!

Artificial grass answer to your doggy problems

Replacing real grass with artificial grass can be a solution to all these problems!

Artificial lawn is durable, safe for pets, easy and not costly to maintain! And it looks so real! Nowadays, artificial grass comes in a variety of blade widths, textures and colours that mimic natural grass.

Artificial grass requires no lawn chemicals, such as fertilizers and herbicides, so your pets and kids can play safely. Plus, the blades of grass are made from antimicrobial fibres that prevent the build-up of mould and bacteria. Fido can rub his back and belly across the lawn to his heart’s content!

All your pet turf needs is an occasional spray down with the hose. Your pooch won’t even have muddy paws!

To prevent dog urine and odour build-up on synthetic surfaces over time, you can use smellBgone – a deodoriser and disinfectant all in one. The smellBgone range is non-toxic, biodegradable and provide a fast, permanent and safe solution to smelly pet problems!