1. Synthetic turf is not environmentally friendly

Once a synthetic turf lawn is installed, it does not require the type of ongoing maintenance that a natural lawn does. This means no petrol for lawnmowers, no fertiliser or pesticides that could create run-off or leach into groundwater. Another major positive is that a synthetic lawn does not require any watering resulting in a much smaller impact on the environment.

2. Is synthetic grass safe for kids and pets?

The materials used in today’s artificial turf must meet stringent safety requirements.

In fact, you are more likely to come into contact with fertilisers and chemicals if you have a natural lawn.

3. Synthetic grass is too hot

The synthetic grass manufactured today is designed to reflect rather than absorb heat. There are local manufacturers who have ‘cool’ technology in their synthetic yarns which significantly reduces the heat. This means it will still be comfortable to walk barefoot across the lawn on a hot summer day. In fact, it will feel much cooler and softer underfoot than trying to walk down the paved driveway with no shoes on.

4. It just looks fake

 When synthetic turf was first used as a lawn replacement, the types of product available was pretty ordinary and not designed to look like grass and was more suited to a sports surface; designed for wear, not looks. Manufacturers have developed new yarns that now come in a myriad of shades of green, different lengths and shapes of grass blades, and varying brown yarns twisted at the bottom of the green grass that resemble the drying older blades of the real thing. The products made by Australian manufacturers are designed to match the Australian environment.

5. The cost of synthetic grass is too high

If you compare the cost of installing a new synthetic lawn to a new natural grass lawn from scratch, including the cost of ongoing maintenance of a natural lawn, you will find the synthetic grass lawn is a better investment. There is no need to pay for fertiliser, pesticides, fuel and oil. No need to keep expensive equipment on hand to mow and manicure a natural lawn. Most homeowners who do invest in synthetic turf find that it saves enough time and money over the course of three to five years to offset the initial expense.