Organic plant based stain & odour eliminator, ideal for households and apartments. All Natural.

Spray concentrate ideal for large outdoor areas and commercial spaces.

Organic natural product applied as a permanent infill for synthetic turf surfaces.

PetPro Turf

Australian made, lush, hard wearing synthetic turf designed with your pets in mind

Environmentally Friendly
Our products are all biodegradable & non-toxic

Trusted Brand
We have a trusted reputation in odour control

Cruelty free
our products are not tested on animals

Certified by Australian Organic Ltd

Guaranteed fast shipping

Providing Solutions For Pet Owners

smellBgone is Australia’s foremost company offering Pet Owners solutions for keeping pets in a safe, healthy and odour free environment. Being pet owners ourselves, we understand the issues faced by keeping pets at home.

Keeping pets can lead to issues with urine odour. Our smellBgone range of non-toxic, biodegradable urine odour and stain removal products provide fast, permanent and safe solutions to smelly pet problems. Ideal for not only Synthetic Grass Surfaces but also carpet, paving, tiles almost anywhere you have a pet stain or odour issue.


Having worked in the synthetic grass industry for the past 10 years, I have had all types of dealings in regards to pet odour in the grass. Now I direct all my customers and landscapers to use smellBgone. It’s easy to install in both the liquid, and granular formulars, and has proven to be 100% effective in nullifying the pet urine odour. Highly recommend using smellBgone in all our synthetic grass installations

Jarrod Hodgetts, Director of The Synthetic Grass Project in Cheltenham, Victoria

I’ve been using smellBgone granules in all of my installations for both the cooling effect and the odour control it provides. It’s extremely effective. Just one application will last for years, so that means a lot of very happy customers, and for me, I have the satisfaction of knowing all of my installations are cool and odour free.

Peter Smith, P S L Synthetic turf

Artificial grass cleaner for dogs / pets

Artificial grass has so many benefits but you don’t want it to get smelly! There are a number of things you can do to eliminate smells in the first place, or clean the artificial grass when your dog or other pet has done their business.

How do I stop my artificial grass smelling?

1. Installation2020-09-30T02:30:37+10:00

Installing the artificial grass the right way will help a long way in the fight against pet urine smells! Using artificial grass in-fill is also effective as it absorbs the ammonia, neutralising dog urine on artificial grass (or any other pet urine).

2. Regular Maintenance2020-09-30T02:23:51+10:00

Depending on how large your fake grass covers and how often your dog or other pet uses it as their own personal toilet, you need to wash the surface down with water. A hose or bucket is fine and monthly should be enough and the number of times it is used as a pet toilet, you will need to hose it down to keep on top of the smell. Unfortunately, washing in water (or even vinegar) only temporary masks the urine smell. So it is recommended to use a professional fake grass cleaner in addition to hosing/washing.

3. An artificial grass cleaner2020-09-30T02:23:22+10:00

Using an artifical grass cleaner will help clean the surface and ensure it always smells great. When an animal urinates on artificial grass, the urine typically settles in the crushed rock base and the backing mat of the synthetic turf. These urine crystals are tough to remove, even with water or vinegar. A product such as smellBgone breaks down the uric acid crystals, deodorises the surface and eliminates the smell for good!

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